Clenbuterol and T3 Weight Loss Combo Deal



Clen-uk 40 (clenbuterol)  and lionine-T3 work very well together. Clenbuterol gives that extra energy boost and works by shedding fat in a similar way to that of other medications such as ephedrine, and T3 greatly speeds up the metabolism. In other words, when these 2 medications are taken in a combo, all bases are covered. You will without a doubt experience greater weight loss when T3 is used along with clenbuterol, than if you were to simply use clenbuterol by itself. However, to really reap the greatest benefit, it is recommended to incorporate light exercise into your program. It doesn’t need to be much. 30 minutes of fast-paced walking will normally be sufficient. However, you should make sure it’s done within 3-4 hours of consuming the supplements.

Another benefit of buying these 2 products together is that they take up very little space. This means that the envelope that your medications are shipped in will be of very low weight (due to the tiny size of the pills). It will look just like a regular letter. Therefore, you can be assured there will be no customs issues with your shipment.

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