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  1. Ùilleam Micheil Mac Lulaich

    I noticed someone recently described these as “European Klonopin”!
    Utter tosh. Roche’s brand name for clonazepam is – and always has been – RIVOTRIL. Not only in Europe, but in EVERY COUNTRY in the world. Why they decided to rebrand them in ONE country (which confuses most folks who have no idea WTF this “Klonopin” stuff is) is a total mystery.
    It would be more sensible to say that “Klonopin is the name Roche uses in the USA for what the rest of the world has always known as Roche Rivotril”.
    I have always wondered why Roche don’t make it in 1mg strength, but then there is hardly any call for other than 500mcg and 2mg, & it is easy enough to either take 2 x 500mcg or to half the most commonly prescribed 2mg tabs with a pill splitter…
    I think it’s about time Americans stopped referring to meds by brand name and fell into step with the rest of humanity by calling them by their generic names by default. I mean how many Americans are actually dispensed Xanax on Rx? VERY few. We in the UK get nothing EXCEPT Pfizer Xanax since there are NO generic versions of alprazolam available here…

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