Neurobion (Vit b12, b6, b1)


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NOTE: Topathletesgear do not sell pure vitamin B12 made by thai companies due to very low effects of the main thai brands of B12. We sell Pharma Grade neurobion manufactured in Europe by Merck. It contains generous amounts of B1 and B6 as well as B12. The B1 and B6 will help the vitamin B12 work much better. personally I use only this product (as injectable vitamins) , and I advice you to keep away from the cheap thai brands of vitamin B12. you will feel the difference the first time you inject our Neurobion for sure.——————————————————————-Neurobion is known to help with lack of vitamins B1, B6 and B12 and their part as co-enzymes are necessary factors to be included in the metabolism of the nervous system. Neurobion also supports the regeneration of some nerve fibers and myelin in the way of activating the metabolism and natural mechanisms. B group vitamins are so called co-enzymes and essential substaces for our metabolism. These vitamins are very important at neuropathies treatment, that is because they have a specific functions within metabolism. The functional and structural integrity of the nerve fibres is dependent on an enzymatically controlled metabolism in which the vitamins of the B group occupy key positions as co-enzymes.


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