FAST ACTING INSULIN (preferred by bodybuilders)
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Humalog may be used to take care of diabetes.

People who have diabetes have a lack or absence of a hormone produced by the pancreas known as insulin. Insulin is the main hormone responsible for the handling of glucose (blood sugar) in the blood.

Men and women with type 1 diabetic issues need to get injection therapy of insulin to get a handle on the amount of glucose within their body. Insulin shots enable individuals with type 2 diabetes to achieve normal blood glucose levels and act as a replacement for natural blood insulin.

It has some other effects that lower the quantity of glucose in the blood too, and also lessens the production of glucose by the liver.

Humalog shots have a kind of insulin called insulin lispro in them This really is called a rapid-acting insulin. It begins to take down blood sugar within about 10 to twenty minutes when injected underneath the skin, and its particular effects last for 3 to five hours. This kind of insulin must be injected if required soon after a meal or soon before, to not elevate blood glucose levels after eating.

Insulin lispro, also known as humalog, can also be given together with intermediate or longer-acting types of insulin, which supply control over blood glucose during the day.

It is important to track your blood glucose regularly and adapt your insulin dose as required. Your physician or diabetic team will explain the best strategy on how to do it.

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