Glucosamine. (100 tabs)


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Cosam 500 Cosam 500 (Glucosamine sulfate from topathletesgear provides an easily absorbed form of glucosamine. I have personally tested this product and it works as well as more expensive brands. I could feel the difference in bone strength from this compound after just a week using ,so it’s definitely a very good product. I am bit skeptical when it comes to brands I don’t know, but this product is definitely of good quality. Regards, Gregory. ——————————————-Cosam is used for treating weak bones and as a general bone/ ligament strenghtener in general. Glucosamine Sulphate: The glucosamine in Cosam 500 is present in the preferred sulfate form for improved absorption. Each tablet provides 500mg Glucosamine Sulphate. cosam Glucosamine contains glucosamine sourced from natural sources. Cosam Glucosamine should be taken by men and women of all ages. Cosam Glucosamine is recommended with a balanced diet, rich in fish oil. Cosam 500 m(glucosamine sulfate) Formula High Quality Glucosamine Sulphate bought online from topathletesgear is a food supplement supplement. Buy glucosamine online.


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