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GHRP 6 has powerful effect on the discharge of Human Growth Hormone (also known as HGH/GH).

GHRP-6 significantly affects the entire body’s potential to burn fat and develop muscle.
Advantages of boosted Growth Hormone levels through GHRP 6 injections include: muscle mass and body fat reduction, strengthening and rejuvenation of muscles and a feeling of well being.
Occasionally, users decide to use GHRP 6 alongside CJC 1295,as there are rather astonishing effect with this particular combo.
GHRP-6 has a limited life in blood plasma. Like all peptides it’s subject to enzymatic degradation. After administered the effects lasts for a few hours before all are “digested”.
The most effective time to require you pre bed GHRP-6 is after you pin them in your butt while sitting on the edge of the bed . after that you just roll into bed feeling great. You are doing this to help your night time pulse which occurs immediately after you fell asleep.
Don’t forget,it’s pulsation that build muscles and bone& tendons as well. Lots of repair occurs at nighttime. So raising pulsation at nighttime is vital so you aid new muscle cells in their development.
CJC 1295 is a long lasting analogue of GHRH and just a couple of times a week dosing is necessary to keep GH levels elevated.

In the end, is this combo of CJC 1295 and GHRP-6 even safe, you may ask?

Safe? Dangerous? Through dosing, hell no ! it’s possible for you to control the degree of GH release.
Anytime exogenic GH is administered by you or cause elevated degrees of GH release with CJC 1295/GHRP 6 your enhancing yourself.
I am going to say that CJC 1295 so far seems to result in more natural patterns of GH release (i.e. pulsation is maintained) as does GHRP 6 (pulse is amplified) because the human body in the end establishes how much & in what way it is going to create GH and thats the beauty of it!
What that means is that the receptors will be saturated by 100mcg completely, but in case you add an additional 100mcg just 50% of that 100 mcg will be effective.

Should you add that dose and an added 100mcg just about 25% will be successful.
you may add more up to 300 to 400mcg and 100mcg is the saturation dose and get a bit more effect.

GHRP 6 at the saturation dose 100mcg does not actually raise prolactin & cortisol but may do so somewhat at higher doses. This rise continues to be within the standard range.

If desensitization were to happen for GHRP 6 just discontinuing use for a number of days will repair this effect.

Continual use of GHRP 6 at 100mcg dosed several times a day every day will not cause pituitary issues, nor major prolactin or cortisol issues, nor desensitize.

When requiring CJC 1295/GHRP 6 for maximum effect, you need to take it easy with your carbs. The ghrp 6 works best on a fasted belly.
Is GHRP-6 successful alone?

YES ,GHRP-6 alone is very powerful. It’ll produce a spike on it is own, but not really as high as if used in combination with CJC 1295.
Steroids like deca and equipoise along with insulin are also great when used along with GHRP 6.
when GHRP-6 and insulin are used concurrently, GH response to GHRP-6 is raised manyfolds. A recent study in normal mice revealed significant differences in body makeup,
There are many questions regarding this compound,
scientists are expecting to gain a better clinical comprehension of the peptide through additional research during the next couple of years, but we already know alot about it at the moment.
The important side effect accompanied by the utilization of GHRP-6 is a substantial escalation in hunger as a result of stimulating the release of Ghrelin, a peptide that is discharged. The hunger leads to eating more , and that again leads to gains !!!

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