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Andriol signifies the first actual effort to produce an oral Testosterone after Methyltestosterone. The material of this steroid entirely avoids your liver and so
Undecanoate is fast and safely removed by the human body that is why it may even be a idea to use when doping tested before competition.
In fact andriol has gained popularity as a restoration program by many professional athletes including baseball players, fighters etc., cyclists etc .
Users do not experience any feminization symptoms like increased body fat or gynecomastia. Andriol should not be used by girls ,on the other hand because the androgenic
Part – common with Testosterone – is comparatively powerful in this compound.

Dr Ferrari, (the notorious physician that helped many professional cyclists get to the top) advocated taking 3caps of Andriol (testosterone) promptly after
intensive training predicated on strength to provide power to the muscles. With Andriol the hormones that were lost are replaced by
new fresh ones, and synthetics is improved because of this.

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