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Anadrol is without doubt one of the best oral steroids and the most powerful. It posesses an incredibly powerful androgenic effect, which goes together with an incredibly extreme anabolic element. Due to this, tremendous increases in strength and muscle mass could be gotten in an brief time. Weight increase of 12 – 15 pounds in just 14 days is common.

Interest has been peaked, and Anadrol 50 is increasing in popularity.

Sportsmen experience an enormous “pump effect” during the work out. The blood volume is substantially elevated because of the way it can boost red blood cell generation

Work out, while allowing the muscle to absorb more oxygen, so the athlete can rely on strength and high power even after several sets with this compound in the system, you just cant go wrong!

This results in results being incredibly remarkable. Large size and strenght increases may often be achieved with just one or two pills daily, in less than 6 weeks. Use this steroid during dieting to keep the muscle mass and to enable an intense work out. it also prevents over training (better recovery).


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